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Beautiful transformation, Julie! A great way to redo kitchen countertops without the huge expense Pinned! If you are interested in having your Formicareg or Wilsonartreg laminate countertops refinished, click Find a Location or call our toll free : locator number, 1-888-271-7690, for the nearest Miracle Method office to get a free estimate for countertop refinishing After doing this to three countertops, the kitchen looked much better I used a solvent to remove the excess contact cement I then added a simple tileboard backsplash with a small PVC trim strip at the bottom for water resistance, and the countertop job was complete Did you happen to see my new undermount sink in some of the pictures? Oh, baby I love this thing! Did you know you can install an undermount sink in laminate countertops? Isnt that the most amazing thing youve ever heard!? Its a Karran sink made for laminate countertops Read all the gory details about the sink installation HERE how much does it cost to redo small kitchenA 1021510 kitchen remodel will cost between $15,000 to $30,000, according to Kitchen and Bath Shop In a 100-square-foot kitchen, counter space will be at a premium A bit of extra planning could go a long way toward achieving the small kitchen of your dreams Here are some of our favorite options for a small kitchen upgrade that will free up space by adding functionality A significant portion of remodel costs are recouped in the resale value it adds to the home For example, the Cost Value Report from Remodel Magazine suggests that a kitchen remodel adds up to 79 9% of its initial pricetag to the home’s overall value by the end of the year In other words, our average $129,955 kitchen remodel should add about $105,000 to the resale value of the home Thanks in part to their popularity in American kitchen remodels, granite countertops cost less than they used to That price point is even lower here at Superior Stone Cabinet We are able to offer discount granite countertops because we’re a direct importer We cut out the middlemen typically associated with granite slab accrual and shipment townhouse kitchen remodelsThe Spruce / Margot Cavin 633 Del Ganado RdSan Rafael, CA 94903 Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, design-build firmCase Design/Remodeling Inc has over 50 years of experience with home interior andrenovationprojects, includingkitchenremodels Designed by Elena Eskandari with Greg Polen as project manager, this modern kitchen update required taking out part of the wall, which completely changed the layout All the old finishings were replaced with new materials, and a 12-foot island was added JoinCapitolKB and update your space No matter your price point for your kitchen remodel, we'll work with you to figure out which kitchen remodel package is right for you We also offer financing options with payment plans to assist you in the process The first


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