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  About Judge My Ride



Official "R" AA rated Judges: Robert Gage and Carol Dean-Porter 

Dressage:  Grand Prix Dressage Rider, Karen McGoldrick

Western: Kristen DeLibero



President:  Noelle King

Vice President: Robert H. Gage

Vice President: Carol Dean-Porter




At "Judge My Ride", equestrians from around the globe can upload videos or photos of their favorite trips from horse shows or even schooling at home, strait to our two Facebook pages and have them judged and commented on by some of the most esteemed International judges, riders, and trainers in equestrian sport, free of charge. We strive to have talented riders on different sides of the country and across the globe, see how they fare against their counterparts a world away. With Judge My Ride Challenges, an equestrian in France, for example, can go head to head with a rider in the States, in an instant. The challenges are issued and scored by top international riders and judges.  Each challenge is sponsored by equestrian companies who are generating excitement in the market with our over 100,000 equestrian followers.  No matter the end results, riders have gotten constructive feedback and commentary from the veritable best of the best!


Company Overview:


The innovators of online video evaluation, Judge My Ride is the original worldwide equestrian experience!


Nothing can take the place of the camaraderie of competing on the show grounds, testing the skills of horse and... rider amid all those unmistakable sights and smells. Although "Judge My Ride" can't take the place of a real horse show, it provides equestrians around the world with an incredibly unique opportunity that time, travel and economical constraints can make impossible.Join us on both of our Facebook Fan pages, "Equitation by Judge My Ride," and "Judge My ride" or google .  
How often do you get to talk about your horse and your riding to a 3 time World Cup Grand Prix Show Jumping rider?  At Judge My Ride, it can happen any day of the week!  So Join us, and show us your best!!


Guest Judges:  JMR proudly has the following acclaimed Equestrians as

Guest Judges with more to come!


Team Great Britain Show Jumping Rider Jessie Drea


Susie Hutchinson


4 star Event Rider Deborah Rosen:


Just World International Professional Ambassadors:


Samantha Lam Olympic Show Jumping Team Hong Kong

US Show Jumping star Francie Steinwedell-Carvin

Renown Equitation coach and Grand Prix Rider Ray Texel

Colombian Olympian Daniel Bluman



Gold Medal Reiners 2010 WEG forTeam SmartPak:  Tom McCutcheon and Tim McQuay

Grand prix Dressage Rider Heather Beacham


Coming soon:

Candian Olympic Show Jumping Rider: John Anderson


Top US Equitation Coach: Jim Hagman 


Top US Grand Prix Rider Mandy Porter 



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