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Engraved and Embroidered:

Vincerò and Manthey



Style My Ride is so honored to have the privilege of featuring the garments of high fashion luxury designer, Christine Manthey. 


Here, Zone 4 Hunter Jumper rider Jess Fahey models an orginal Manthey Collection strapless dress of pleated torn organza. A typical Manthey design, it is a combination of flawless fit with dreamy details and delicate embellishments. The organza fabric is hand torn and features embroidery with long pins arranged in a floral pattern.  The effect of the mainpulated organza is reminiscent of grey weathered driftwood. It truly is one of the most stunning, unique garments we have ever beheld.  


Our Platinum gray Vincero boots perfectly complement the dress, creating a grounded effect with a long and elegant silhouette. This pair are highlighted by engraved interchangeable tops and an onyx and Swarovski crystal brooch on the swagger tabs.


Photographer:  Hannah Griffith Wildner

Location:  Pleasant Hill  Farm

Directed by: Valerie Kaiser

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