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RED Valentino and Annie's Apple Green


Style My Ride VP Courtney Westmoreland Rider is stepping out in a refreshingly floral spring time ensemble. Built around a pair of full seat Pomme Verte breeches from Annie's Equestrienne USA, the perfect Primavera compliment is a trench coat so beautiful, we were overcome by the perfection of the delicate water colors with these apple green breeches; a RED Valentino floral trench from Saks 5th Avenue.  Courtney's pink gingham Ralph Lauren blouse collects the soft pinks in both the floral of the trench and our newest interchangeable top design on our Vincerò boots.  We attached the pale pink patent leather wing tip interchangeable top to Courtney's brown. Raffello Dressage boots.  Courtney's colorful look puts a twist on a classic style while still keeping a balance between edgy and elegant.  We must take this opportunity to doff our caps to Annie's Equestrienne for their impressive selection of colors in their collection.  Brava to Annie's for creating a palette which can blend so beautifully with some of the top luxury brands in the fashion world.



Hair and Make Up:  Saima Khalid, Atlanta

Photographer: Erin Wheeler, Sweet Fresno Photography

Location  Jag Arabians , Courtesy Stirrups Clothing




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