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Horse girl power


At Style My Ride we pride ourselves on using real riders for our fashion shoots. Using riders as models that are high achievers and up and comers in their competitive fields adds real authenticity to the SMR brand, as they are genuinely comfortable around horses.

These three girls are part of what we’re all about: a pony rider, an eventer and a Grand Prix showjumper modeling elegant equestrian styles. For this gallery we have again teamed up with Hayward Equestrian - they offer clothing that is well-cut and flattering yet comfortable and practical for showing or schooling. Kaylee and Sarah Cate both wear black Hayward jackets with Sarah Cate modelling their shadbelly.

To complement Hayward’s jackets: Sarah Cate wears a belt by Desi Designs and a crop by Australia’s Elite Canes and Browbands while Kaylee’s boots are our own special Vincero line. Made of the finest Italian leather, these polo-style boots feature interchangeable zip guards in platinum gray for an elegant yet sporty look.

Sarah Cate and Kaylee are truly competition-ready in more Hayward show apparel: an on-trend stock tie with crystal piping and a crisp white show shirt with a black and white swiss dot cuff and collar.  Zoie is dressed by Animo and changes her show coat out for a hot pink jean jacket after showing.   Coordinating beautifully with these classic styles is "signature tote" hand bag by Tucker Tweed, famous for their fine leather accessories. These girls are back in black and ready to hit the show ring. After all, if you’re going try your best you need to look your best.


Hair and Make Up:  Saima Khalid, Atlanta

Photographer: Erin Wheeler, Sweet Fresno Photography

Location: Chattahoochee Hills Eventing



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