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Ombre silk, Velvet and Lace


Its hard to go wrong with a classic riding breech paired with a designer blouse and riding boots.  Here we feature two Christine Manthey blouses and a gorgeous Manthey leather blazer, paired with breeches by 2KGrey and Sarm Hippique.  Below, both Jess Fahey and Keri Leonard, model the Manthey Collection gray silk ombre blouse embellished with an exquisite pewter gray velvet key hole collar and cuffs. Jess wears 2KGrey's black denim breeches by Kiya Tomlin and Keri is wearing the 2KGrey  "Swirls" full seat jean breech.   Zone 4 hunter Jumper rider Kaitlyn Garland is modeling a Manthey collection black lace blouse with bronzey undertones.  Her taupe breeches are by Sarm Hippique.  Her black leather belt with brass studs is by Pariani.  Jess shows off our Vincerò Polo boots with interchangeable zip guards in Gray patent leather.  Kaitlyn models our brushed brown "Raffaello" Vincerò dressage boot with our interchangeable Mazel "M" shaped tops, shown in metallic bronze leather with crystals.  The bronze tops pick up the bronzey undertones in Kaitlyn's Manthey blouse to perfection.  Keri models our Charcoal gray Vincerò Salento dress boot with interchangeble tops in gray patent leather.  


Photographer:  Hannah Griffith Wildner

Location:  Pleasant Hill Farm

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