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The intricate detail of the Manthey Collection



Thoughtful details and embellishments can really elevate fashion pieces above the pedestrian and ordinary. At SMR we love combining high fashion with elements of equestrian apparel to showcase the many ways the industry is bringing color and creativity to the equestrian market. So many of our looks, this one included, tend to be more about celebrating color synergy than suggesting it as a schooling ensemble.  This Spring we’re featuring several pieces by New York designer Christine Manthey. Her 2015 Spring collection is characterised by bold colors with intricate detail and this top is no exception with a flattering cut and hand-sewn crystal beads at the hem.

This look also features Concord knee patch breeches by Annie’s Equestrienne, with the luxurious deep purple highlighting the Manthey top. Continuing with the vibrant colors of this look, Zone 4 Event rider Kaylee Hone also wears Vincero brushed brown dressage boots with our interchangeable tops in orange with crystals.

Old world glamor with a modern twist, equestrian style.


Hair and Make Up:  Saima Khalid, Atlanta

Photographer: Erin Wheeler, Sweet Fresno Photography

Location: Chattahoochee Hills Eventing





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