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Place de la Concorde


Style My Ride VP Courtney Westmoreland Rider mixes up traditional styling with modern color with the eye catching Annie’s breeches in concorde. Her boots, navy Vincerò  boots with interchangeable “Erika” tops in turquoise offer a striking contrast.
Her look is muted just enough with a Hayward show shirt in white, as well as a Hayward soft plaid angora scarf. Mixing things up a little, her "belt" is actually a silver and leather western headstall, cinched around her waist.
Bringing in some classic old world glamour is a vintage Christie's Derby hat, paired with a Mack and Jane cuff in forrest green and black


Hair and Make Up:  Saima Khalid, Atlanta

Photographer: Erin Wheeler, Sweet Fresno Photography

Location  Jag Arabians , Courtesy Stirrups Clothing


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