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A Secret Barn Escape

There’s no other designer quite like Christine Manthey. Her designs can be edgy, dreamy or just a little outrageous, but attention to detail and beautiful fabrics are her hallmarks.


Manthey designs are some of our all-time favourites here at SMR, and this shoot was one of the best!


Jess is all dressed up to make a splash at a society event in an on-trend bralette with a mermaid style skirt. But sometimes, being the belle of the ball is just plain hard work. Even when you’re the centre of attention, maybe you just want to escape to the barn for a quiet moment with your horse.


A Manthey leather jacket adds that little bit of a rebellious feel while keeping out the Spring breeze, and our Vincero polo boots in Bordeaux with smoke patent interchangeable zip guards keep Jess’ feet warm and dry on her secret barn break.

Steal away this Spring for your own secret rendezvous, with Vincero boots by Style My Ride.

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