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An evening stroll around the farm in Sarm

Hippique and 2KGrey



Zone 4 Hunter Jumper riders Keri Leonard (L) and Kaitlyn Garland (R) take a stroll around the beautiful grounds at Pleasant Hill Farm to see the sun peeking through the rain clouds. Keri's coat, which is beautifully fitted at the waist, is the 2KGrey Show coat "Frances" in navy. Her periwinkle blue breeches and white show shirt are by Sarm Hippique.

Keri's boots, our Vincero interchangeables, made for us DeNiro boot company, are the Salento design in Charcoal gray.  

We chose our our pale blue floral boot tops to accent Keri's Sarm Hippique Periwinkle breeches perfectly. Kaitlyn's boots are Style My Ride's Vincerò Dressage boots in Brushed brown with interchangeable tops in the "Mazel," "M" shaped design (shown here in Espresso patent leather with punched copper leather highlight).  Kaitlyn's coat, breeches and competition shirt are all by Sarm Hippique.  You can see more of this look in the gallery "DeNiro Boot Throwdown" where Keri and Kaitlyn have a little 'sisterly tiff' over a new pair of  DeNiro boots!


Location:  Pleasant Hill Farm

Hair and Makeup:  Alex Stewart

Photographer: Hannah Griffiths Wildner




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