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Noelle King


President and founder of Judge My Ride and Style My Ride


Horses are just one of Noelle's many passions.  Her passion for fashion came later, but only slightly!  Before she was even a teenager, she asked her mother for a subscription to W magazine. Her loving mother indulged her daughter's request, but never failed to be amused at the ensuing mail offers for European real estate, yachts and luxury cars that came addressed to her youngest daughter.  Apparently, that's what happens when one subscribes to society fashion magazines that feature gorgeous and fashionable equestrians like Corneila Guest, Charlotte Casiraghi and Paige Johnson! Alternately, the pages of W, Harpers Bazaar, Vouge and of course, The Chronicle, Practical Horseman, etc. came with her to school, much to the chagrin of her teachers.  She and her best friend were constantly being called out for caring more about the pages of fashion magazines than their studies! Noelle always retorted that was "untrue" and that she "cared more about horses first, then fashion, then maybe studies!" She  may have raided her sisters' closets from the time she was a pre-teen,  but they had  - and still have - such great taste.  Shopping with her sisters Roxanne and Val, her mom, her best friend and her family, the Flaggs, will always remain among her influences and a favorite sport. Her fascination with all those subjects formed a perfect storm in Noelle's imagination, and sparked an idea that would later develop into Style My Ride.


At dinner one evening with friends Kim and Taylor Land, Noelle started to tell them about the idea she was batting around. She mentioned to Taylor how she loved the way she changed up her look at the end of a show day.  Taylor said she'd even throw a tulle skirt over her breeches sometimes just for fun after a show day, then enjoy the reactions as she walked the grounds.  Reflecting on that conversation a few days later,  Noelle was thinking to herself: Taylor is not only a great rider, the girl can style a fun riding look too.  At that moment, as she was driving out to the barn, the idea merged in her mind, much the same way it happened with Judge My Ride: "Style My Ride - that's it!"


She called Taylor and her sister Frances about the idea. Over lunch, Noelle asked them to model, as she wanted to feature the looks on real riders who are out competing and known in the equestrian community.  From there we asked Taylor and Frances' friends from International Young Rider's competitions, Mavis Spencer and Jessie Drea from Great Britian. When Noelle's friend Caitlin Beadles moved back to Atlanta from LA, she asked Caitlin if she would model for Style My Ride as well.


Jessie was featured in the Spring 2012 shoot with Taylor, Frances and Caitlin Beadles, and we are hoping to coordinate with the beautiful talented Mavis Spencer to shoot this fall. The first 2013 shoot also features Noelle's new business partner in Style My Ride, the gorgeous  and talented SMR VP, Courtney Westmoreland Rider. Other equestrians who have been featured in our shoots, are Leigh Anne Hartrampf, Ridley Warren and for this shoot, our first event rider, Lynssay Sexton.




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