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Jill Dierx


Jill is one of Style my Ride’s international contributors, all the way from the land Down Under. She may be far away in South Australia but she’s hard at work to keep SMR on trend around the clock. Even if that means having to look at gorgeous summer styles in the depths of the Aussie winter.


Jill is a trained scientist but she loves to write, and SMR is a welcome change from writing scientific journal articles. As the SMR Blog Editor, she will be exploring the history of equestrian fashions, bringing you show and event reports and writing feature articles on up-and-coming equestrian designers.


Her greatest equestrian achievement was surviving a long-format Three Day Event as a Junior rider on a horse who had two settings: fast and warp speed. Her second greatest achievement was dressing a horse up as a hipster for a fancy dress contest (see right). At the moment she is the proud owner (slave) of a chubby and opinionated Standardbred mare. Hopefully the old adage about owners starting to resemble their animals won’t turn out to be true.

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