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Beads of light in

Sarm Hippique & Vincero boots


IEA rider Kaitlyn Garland basks in the afternoon light strolling alongside her friends.  Her Sarm Hippique breeches are a unique teal color, which the sun light magically mimicked as it beaded around them in matching hues.  Her navy Sarm Hippique tehnical coat has an impeccable sleek fit over her white Sarm Hippique competition shirt.  

To compliment the coppery browns on Kaitlins coat pockets and lapel,  we paired this look with our brushed brown Vincerò Raffello dressage boots with Interchangeable tops in our "M"/"Mazel Top"  shape, in chocolate patent leather with copper trim.


Location: Pleasant Hill Farm



Photographer: Hannah Griffith Wildner


Same coat with

Same coat with

navy Sarm Hippique breeches and men's Sarm Hippique competition shirt

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