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Regal Equestrian Style



Zone 4 event rider Victoria Carroll exudes classic style and elegance in "ocean blue" breeches by Fair Play from

Gee Gee Equine and our Vincerò boots in brushed navy.  The boots are accented with our exclusive interchangeable tops, a Style My Ride innovation, shown here in the “Erika” design in Teal.  Her beautiful blouse is actually a silhouette we created with a stunning square silk scarf by L.Lavone.  L.Lavones' equestrian line features unique pieces depicting authentic equestrian scenes.  "The Leap" is the inaugural watercolor silk scarf in the L.Lavone Collection, which is creating quite a buzz among equestrians.  Another super hot line in and outside of the equestrian world is Mack &Jane!   Style My Ride is excited to feature these highly sought after cuffs by Mack & Jane.   Victoria wears a navy and bordeaux criss cross leather Mack & Jane cuff with Horse shoe and Shamrock charms and bangles from Neiman Marcus.


Photography:  Erin Wheeler,  Sweet Fresno Photography

Hair and Make Up:  Saima Khalid

Location:  Jag Arabians, Courtesy Stirrups Clothing
















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