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An elegant way to hack

They think we ride dressed like this all the time in the movies, so why not have a little fun and play along!  "Why of course, we all don our tail coats and mount up, hair perfectly coiffed, for an every day ride! (*cough- really)!"


We decided if we were inclined to school in tail coats, then these jean breeches from HKM Georgia are the perfect choice to give the look a more 'casual' vibe.  Ralph Lauren paired tail coats with jeans in this year's Fall collection, so we decided to show the  function of our elegant apparel the legit equestrian way - on a horse.   


The HKM jean breeches with red stiching are paired with a black studded Michael Kors belt. Courtney's Equiline America polo in red, was the perfect choice to pop the red stiching on the breeches.


This impeccable Shadbelly, with matching navy, crystal vest points by Equiline America, looks  even more striking against our stunning Vincerò boots in Robin's egg blue and black. Style My Ride's custom Vincero boots come in any color and style from traditional black to exotic leathers, colors, crystals and more.  E-mail us at for information and chek out our Vincero Boot section above.


Model: Courtney Westmoreland Rider

17.3 Hannoverian Gelding: "Deakin" appears courtesy of Carolyn Wingate

Location:  Chandler Dressage, Wellington, Florida

Photographer: Erin Wheeler,  Erin Michelle Photography


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