Branching Out- Equestrian Style

In a sport where competitve riders all wear some variation of the same thing, it's nice to 'branch out' and have fun wearing non traditonal colors of boots, and show ones individual style.  At Style My Ride we are all avid equestrians and of course know which colors, fabrics, etc. are standard in the show ring.  While many Hunter/Jumper and Event riders school in half chaps and splurge on elaborate colorful custom half chaps to express their individulaity, some riders, (like us), are obsessed with tall boots! If you are going to buy fashion boots to wear when you are not on a horse, why not get something of your design that you can wear riding as well?  We all know the fashion boots are never made to withstand the rigors of a real riding boot.  Riders in breeches in boots, showing or schooling, not only look as sharply attired for riding, they look just as chic out and about away from the barn. We all know designers  have long based designs on riding boots  to go with skirts and dresses, and  we have paired riding boots with skirts with great response in previous Style My Ride shoots. 

In the two galleries below, Taylor's boots, Style My Ride's new Vincerò brand, made for us by the acclaimed Italian DeNiro Boot Co., have our SMR innovation: interchangeable tops! The autumnal bordeaux color of these boots feature our Caramel punched top. The tops switch out with velcro and are easily swapped for an accent color or the same color for a monochrome look.  If you are interested in ordering custom boots of any color, please e-mail us at

Below we built a lovely fall/winter look around the bordeaux boots on Taylor Burns. Her sweater is Ralph Lauren's gorgeous southwestern Shawl Caridgan.  Both the sweater and the the  Ralph Lauren plaid burgundy and navy henly feature a deep indigo blue, and boysenberry in the color pallette.  Taylor's Breeches are the  HKM platinum denim breech with thigh pocket   If you are in North America,  you can contact Katja at Atlanta Horse Connections to order HKM products.

Taylor's elegant jewelry is from the hottest equestrian jewelry line on the scene Nannasalmi, exclusively carried by Hoofables. The pieces can be made in 14K gold, White Gold, Platinum or Silver. Pearls and precious gems like Diamonds can also be added. The most amazing aspect regarding Nannasalmi jewelry is the fact they can be custom made using your horses tail hair, woven together on a loom, so they will not fray. The horse hair can be woven in stunning patterns which highlight the varying colors in a horses coat and tails. Each piece is an instant family heirloom, which can be passed down for lifetimes, where a very special horse can be commemorated.

hoofables nannasalmi woven horse hair "Amante ring " on 14 K white gold, and also comes in sterling silver and 14K rose gold ring

Taylor's necklace is also by nannasalmi.


Taylor's make-up, done by Ashley Mayer,  is from the mineral make up collection at Pink Pony cosmetics. The  daytime look on her eyes was achieved with the "Reserve Champion" pallette and the hint of shimmery powder is the Pink Pony powder called "sexy glow".  Ashley wanted Taylor to have a cranberry lip to compliment her cardigan.  We all fell in love with the Pink Pony gloss she chose,  "Rosette"


Photography: Erin Wheeler, Erin Michelle Photography

Hair and Make-up: Ashley Mayer

Location: HIllmar Farm