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           Ralph Lauren's Russian Czarina           

The main designer featured in our Fall Winter Style My Ride shoot is one we absolutely revere, Ralph Lauren. Some of Lauren's biggest influences this season, are the timeless, opulent fashions of turn of the century Russia (Ca.1900). Surely, with The Winter Olympics being held in Russia this year, Ralph Lauren found his inspiration easily, and we are glad he did, as he always hits the mark perfectly. The Ralph Lauren coat Caitlin Beadles is wearing is his Czar jacket .   We presented it formally, paired with 2K Grey Avatar, knee patch whites and our Style My Ride custom "Vincerro" boots by DeNiro, with our exclusive interchangeable tops, shown here in charcoal suede.  Caitlin carries the regal black patent leather crop with a sparkling silver studded crown, adorning a crystal wrapped handle, the "Peirce." This crop and infinitely more, can be found at Elite Canes and Brow Bands of Australia. The Czar coat/jacket also looks great with jeans, as you can see on the Ralph Lauren web site, where they pushed up the sleeves for a great casual look. 

Caitlin's hat is a faux fox Czarina Russian hat, like those used in Ralph Lauren's fall campaign.  It will keep our Czarina Caitlin's ears warm if she has to hop on a horse and gallop out of turn of the century Russia before the Revolution hits ;) Thank you Caitlin for letting us play dress up to make you a Russian Princess! 

Caitlins make up, done by Ashley Mayer, is from a new make-up line for equestrians called Pink Pony Cosmetics. created by 12 year old Anna, daughter of former AGA Rookie of the year Heather Fogarty. Anna has come up with clever names for her lip glosses like "Dirty Stopper" and "Rolled Oats."  She recently expanded her line further with mineral based eye shadows, powders and foundations! Ashley used the "Reserve Champion" pallette to give Caitlin a bronzed smokey cat eye and the lip gloss in "flower box."

                                                                                     Below you will find a slide show, then beneath that some wide shot photos showing off the fall beauty of HIllmar Farm.


Photography: Erin Wheeler, Erin Michelle Photography

Hair and Make-up: Ashley Mayer

Location: HIllmar Farm

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