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A Sunday in the Country

Courtney Westmoreland Rider 


Not the same "Sunday in the Country" as the great french filmaker Bertrand Tavernier's Impressionistic film, but Barnesly Gardens is an inspiring day in the country any day of the week!


Here, Courtney stands at the threshold of the Hunting Lodge at Barnesly Gardens.  Her Pale pink, light weight Gersemi vest and pink navy and periwinkle striped show shirt by Essex are from the Horse and Hound Tack Shop, Gainesville GA.

Her breech, the International,  is by Romph, in Denim with white stiching, is from SmartPak 


Courtney's hand made one of a kind brown suede belt buckle with  pink lavender and white swarovski crystal is also from Horse and Hound.  The Azure blue "Hadley" cuff bracelet by Pinklette


Courtney dressed up this country look with nude patent leather Prada heels from Prada, Milan italy.


Location: Barnelsy Gardens Resort

Photographer: Erin Wheeler, Erin Michelle Photography

Hair and make up: Jennifer Nieman

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