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Croquet anyone?

Lynnsay Sexton


Lynnsay's chocolate Eurofit coat is lush with details like gleaming brass buttons and velvet lapels in a rich espresso with ivory piping. Dutch cocoa breeches byTuff Rider echo the coat's warm tones, right down to a creamy stripe along the outer thigh. A beautifully constructed Marigold show shirt adds a zest of lemon to keep the entire outfit feeling fresh and perfectly coordinated. Each of these pieces is available from the Horse and Hound Tack Shop in Gainesville, GA.


Lynssay's champagne colored silk stock tie with crystal broach exchangeable tab, is a limited edition creation from Equistyle, Autralia. Her "belt" the "Clarissa," by Elite Canes and Brow bands, is a browband for a bridle in actuality! It's constructed by hand of a gold and cappucino raw silk, with an overlay of white, canary and chocolate crystals. Really, we just thought they were so beautiful, we wanted to find ways to wear them ouselves!  Debra Tonkin of Elite Canes and Browbands,  we need you to make us some belts too! 


Her chestnut leather wrap bracelet, with a glass horse rosette, is by Rebecca Ray,_from

Double gold chain snaffle bit bracelette,  is also


Lynssay's elegant driving gloves, are the Heritage deerkskin gloves in "saddle", These gloves, or any of Heritage selection, can be purchased at Just Riding at  $5 dollars off with this coupon .


Photo: Erin Wheeler Erin Michelle Photography

Location: Barnesly Gardens Resort



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