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Tattersal- That is all

Courtney Westmoreland Rider


From her carefully coifed hair to the pleated details on her breeches, Courtney's tattersal ensemble draws its inspiration from one of the most fashionable equestriennes of all time, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. A stunning tattersal vest, a cub hunting staple, steals the show with its traditional robin's egg blue and black windowpane pattern. Found in one of the wonderful vintage shops in Little Five Points, Atlanta, GA, we imagine that this vest has seen many brisk mornings with the hounds at full cry. Full seat breeches from the Horse and Hound combine the classic look of pleating with modern details such as crisp piping, snap closure hip pockets, and a wonderfully grippy seat. A canary ratcatcher shirt by Marigold, also from the Horse and Hound,  and Heritage palomino colored deerskin gloves from Just Riding complete the cub hunting look.


Echoing the colors found in Courtney's tattersal vest, we broke tradition with our custom DeNiro fashion boots in robin's egg blue with black spectator hun top and toe cap to add an unexpected pop of color in this outfit.  They are beautifully paired with "Blue Ridge Heritage schooling gloves also from Please enjoy this coupon for $5 dollars off at Just riding gloves.


Crystal broach Stock Pin from Neiman Marcus

Crystal diamond gem cut topped Crop by Elite Canes and Browbands


Photographer: Erin Wheeler, Erin Michelle Photography

Location: Barnesly Gardens Resort




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