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Peachy Keen

Courtney Westmoreland Rider


Georgia is the Peach state after all, and summer is the season for all things peachy!

Here Courtney changes up her look to meet her husband for an impromptu gathering by changing into a new pair of Navy Treadstep Ireland breeches from SmartPak with an embossed and hand painted Leather Works belt and her Peach Essex show shirt, both from the Horse and Hound in Gainesville Ga.


Courtney's fabulous peach suede shoes are the B. Brian Atwood Orange Moultrie Metal Fringe Studded Suede Sandals . The fringe is a, delicate chain mail and the heel is a metal spike, from Neiman Marcus. (Ps. The peach color is sold out, but on Brain Atwoods site,  the black version is on sale!)

Pale peach crystal and smoky topaz earrings : Neiman Marcus


Courtneys Bronze and copper jewelry is from Sunara A:

Sun Heart Ring

Feather Wrap Ring

Sonic Mid Knuckle Ring

Large White Stone Wrap Ring

Beaded Bangle

Thick and Thin Ornate Bangles


Hair and Make-up: Jennifer Nieman

Photograper: Erin Wheeler Erin Michelle Photography

Location Barnesly Gardens Resort



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