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Courtney Westmoreland Rider


The timelessness of black and white never goes out of style. As we continue our farewell homage to the top hat phasing out of competition, we salute the fact that it will remain a fashionable nod to equestrian tradition. Here Courtney emulates the Dressage salute to the judge, as we collectively salute the beautiful sport of



We loved the fit and feel of this white Spooks show shirt with black trimmed cap sleeves from Gee Gee Equine.  It is contoured at the waist which makes for a flattering fit.  It tucks in very neatly, with out the bulk of excess fabric.


Courtneys, white Ariat full seat breech, Top Hat and black Cavallo Show coat with black velvet and Swarovski crystal lapel are all from the- Horse and Hound Tack Shop, Gainesville, GA


We found the perfect glove to compliment the symetry of this look at Just Riding, the Heritage Tackified Black and White polo glove . Any glove from Just Riding Gloves can be purchased with this coupon for $5 dollars off, expressly for Style My Ride and Judge My Ride followers.


Courtney's scrolled silver handled black leather Dresage Whip is the "Rubenstein II" from the Prussian collection at Elite Canes and Brow bands . The white patent leather "Sutherland" crop is adorned with a golden orb gleaming with Swarovski crystals. The regal black patent leather crop with a sparkling silver studded crown adorning a crystal wrapped handle is the "Peirce" and can also be found at Elite Canes and Brow Bands of Australia.


White calfskin custom riding boots with black spectator hunt top, made expressly for Style My Ride by The DeNiro boot company.


Courtney's belt is the black Hermes signature reversable belt, from Hermes, Paris

Necklace: Chanel beaded, pearl, white gold necklace features pave diamond signature Chanel "C's, and

Seahorses, from Neiman Marcus

Black and gold enamel Hermes bracelet, Hermes, Paris


Photos: Erin Wheeler, Erin Michelle Photography

Location: Barnesly Garden's Resort


Salut! To Black and White

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