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Lynnsay Sexton


Thirteen year old Lynnsay is our newest Style My Ride model and one of our first Judge My Ride Eventing Amassadors. After gazing upon the beautiful, original designs crafted by the Australian companies  Elite Canes and brow bands and Equistyle Stock ties, we saw how Australian riders go all out to coordinate their own apparel with their horses.  In Australia, riders have more flexibility to individualize their attire, whereas here in North America, certain classes call for strict guidelines in attire.


The brow bands are so intricate, we found all sorts of fun ideas to wear them on ourselves, let alone the horses!

Here we adorned Lynssay's lovely hair with the Kendra brow band in red, white and blue and paired it with the Regan interchangeable Stock from Equistyle. We "popped" the Red in Lynnsay's look with a Red patent leather and Swarovski crystal crop, The Marcus, from Elite Canes and Brow Bands.


Lynnsay's beautiful, washable navy coat with brass buttons is exceptionally light weight, flexible and comfortable. The show coat features a velvet collar piped in gold and velvet pockets, by Arista.  Both her coat and the Taupe and Red breech by Eurofit are from the Horse and Hound in Gainesvile, GA. Lynnsay wears her own competiton tall boots and her favorite Heritage gloves in black, which can be purchased with this special discount coupon from our friends at




Very High Brow

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