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An Afternoon Ride to the Gardens




What better way to make a grand entrance to a summer soiree than to canter up on your mighty steed, donning the most stunning fashions!  It happens all the time, right? In the movies, perhaps!


Taylor Land reminded us of a heroine from a movie in this look.  Here again, we pay tribute to the top hat. Though it may be leaving competition, it shall remain ever more as a beautiful fashion accessory.  We chose this espresso off the shoulder corset top from Neiman Marcus for Taylor, as it is far more flexible and comfortable a corset than our female equestrian forbears had to endure. A proper lady could only sit a horse sidesaddle in the heavy, restrictive riding habits of bygone eras, but the modern equestrienne demands much more performance from her riding attire. We've seen Taylor take the bank at Spruce Meadows, so we know she could navigate any course in this! 


Her breeches are an SMR favorite, the Goode Rider full seat breech in cocoa from the Horse and Hound Tack Shop. Her crop was hand crafted by Elite Canes and Brow Bands in Australia.  The Christopher," part of the Paris collection, is absolutely breathtaking, with a handle of ivory beads and chocolate and canary crystals encrusting the sphere top. The boots are another signature creation designed by the Style My Ride creative team and custom made by the mastercraftsmen at the DeNiro Boot Company. An amber colored leather field boot is accented with a matching alligator curved hunt top.


Every fashionista knows that accessories can truly make an outfit, and Taylor is no exception. Her look is finished off with a classic Hermes interchangeable belt in the signature Hermes orange from Hermes, Paris and a variety of beautiful pieces from SunaharA, including a Feather Necklace, Thin Mid-Knuckle Ring, Ornate Bangles, Infinity Bracelet, and the stunning Turquoise Sun Heart Ring.



Photo: Erin Michelle Photography.

Hair and Makeup: Jennifer Nieman

Location: Barnsley Gardens Resort, Adairsville, GA

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