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Saturday: Shetlands, Piggies, and a Goat Attack!

Around the venue of the World Cup finals in Lyon. Taylor, Jessie and Michael find the petting Zoo!

Lyon, France

April 20,2014

As our weekend in Lyon continues, we are quickly realizing that the Eurexpo is basically the French version of Disneyland! After getting to the show around midday, we watched a 3* speed class- Saer Coulter was competing a horse that Carmel bred named Carmena Z! We keep finding strange connections between the people and horses we know... the horse show world is definitely a small one! After the class, we went to get lunch at a restaurant in the Eurexpo and discovered an entire mini animal farm/petting zoo complete with goats, sheep, chickens, geese, a giant pot-bellied pig, a steer, and adorable baby foxes. There was also a little pen with Shetland ponies where kids could go for rides! I tried to hitch a ride on one named Little Dragonfly, but unfortunately the girls leading the ponies told me I was too big. We spent an excessive amount of time befriending animals at the petting zoo... they seemed to really like us- one goat liked me so much he tried to devour my head! I may have a permanent bald spot where he munched some of my hair. We took this attack as our cue to leave and finally sat down for lunch! More language miscommunications with the French waiter ensued...

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