How Courtney became a part of the new Bravo show: The Real Housewives of Dallas

Courtney, far right with castmates Cary Deuber, Stephanie Hollman & Brandi Redmond

How Style My Ride VP Courtney Rider became part of the cast for the Real Housewives of Dallas

Style My Ride is a young, up-and-coming company that has been quietly building alongside our more established and well-known sister company Judge My Ride. Our presence has been growing rapidly and it's a 24 hour job to keep up! It's hard work but we're incredibly thankful and proud of what we have achieved. Style My Ride's company profile is constantly growing but even so, we did not expect to be noticed and contacted out of the blue - let alone on behalf of a major television network.

In August of 2014, Style My Ride got a very interesting e-mail. In fact, we were not even sure it was for real. A casting agency, casting on behalf of the Bravo network, contacted us to express interest in our being apart of a new show they were assembling in Dallas. The show was seeking female entrepreneurs in the Dallas area with interesting companies, careers and social lives. Our VP, Courtney Westmoreland Rider, resides in Dallas so we were very intrigued. Upon further investigation we quickly were able to determine that all was indeed legit! Noelle and Valerie called Courtney to fill her in: "You're not gonna believe this..!" were their first words. Courtney, who was in shock hearing the details, is the only SMR partner residing in Dallas. When she joined Style My Ride she still lived in Atlanta, where SMR President Noelle King and business partner Valerie Kaiser still reside. We knew it would take some convincing for Courtney to go on camera. Even with her modeling experience, she is inherently a little shy and modest about the attention that always comes her way

At the time we were approached, this project was not going to be a Housewives show. We all knew it was a going to be Bravo show and originally it was going to be a spin off of "Ladies of London," called "Ladies of Dallas." Style My Ride loves Ladies of London, especially because Annabelle Neilson, one of our favorite cast members, is an accomplished equestrian and was also Alexander McQueen's muse and best friend. Horses + fashion = perfection in our eyes! As Courtney began talking with Bravo and the casting agency, she told them about her best friend Cary Deuber. When Cary was filled in, her jaw hit the floor. 'You're kidding, right??' Cary was on board and as ideas for the show evolved, Courtney was more comfortable in a role as a friend of the cast and Cary was perfect as a featured cast member. As Bravo saw the footage coming back from Dallas, they realized that the new show would be ideal as part of the Real Housewives series under Andy Cohen's production, and 'Real Housewives of Dallas' was born!

Noelle and Val are sisters and love 'some Real Housewives' and have kept up with most of the cities featured. Of course their favorites are the Atlanta Housewives, with Beverly Hills and New York tied for 2nd. Who could forget moments like the season where Atlanta's 'ShebySheree' wasn't gunna 'pull Kim's wig off,' she was "just gunna tweak it a little" or New York's Countess LuAnn's infa