The Horseshow Hangover

The weekend is done,

Ribbons have been won-

Time to relax and have some fun!

…said no one ever.

Seriously though, we all know that after an exhausting –albeit probably rewarding- weekend of showing, we all dread the devastating aftermath…the horseshow hangover (dramatic dundundun for effect).

Similar to a regular hangover, the horseshow hangover leaves you exhausted, sore, broke and wondering what drove you to such insanity. What makes it even harder is that often times our “Friday night” doesn’t end until late Sunday leaving us disheveled and feeling like a “hot mess” come Monday.

After a weekend of competition, equestrians still have a lot of work ahead.

Now unfortunately, there is no –cure- for the horseshow hangover, but by following certain steps we can manage the symptoms and probably even make it through the week!

So, without further ado…

1. Take care of your damn self! We all know that great horsemanship involves bathing our sweaty horses, cooling them down, making sure they have plenty to drink and a good stack of hay, wrapping and rubbing ointment on their legs, etc. But how many of us actually take that same care of ourselves?


Honestly, we work pretty hard too and we deserve the same care. So that means: staying hydrated, getting enough to eat, and our own “aftercare”. For human aftercare I suggest some of the same things we do for our equine companions: a warm shower or bath, a good rub down of arnica or a similar pain relieving spray/gel/lotion and warm tea (or glass of wine as needed) before bed. Also, I highly recommend vitamin C or whatever else you need to do to prevent a cold as an immunity boost the next morning.

What a pain in the… Take care of yourself now to avoid soreness tomorrow!

2. Wipe it down! Your leather. All of it. I know, I know, when it’s 8pm and you haven’t even left the show grounds yet the last thing on your mind is tack, or cleaning your boots… but consider the alternative. We’ve all told ourselves “I’ll just clean it –really- good tomorrow”, only t