Milan Fashion Week

Milan is an electric city. Fashion is not just an industry of this place, but an undercurrent that pulses like a heartbeat.

I see great style here daily: the children in outfits that resemble more of the elite of my country than the school children; the women in the latest trends and best shoes; men in impeccably tailored and well-fitting clothing and not a hair out of place on the grandmothers.

The apparel industry is a driving force of this town. I dare say there are more stores than coffee shops (another staple of Milan life). Joking when friends from home ask what I do for fun here, I tell them that shopping is my extra curricular. Living among all of these people who already take great pride in their appearance and staying with the trends, I wasn’t sure what to expect when fashion week rolled around.

I spent a lot of time people watching, trying to see if I could distinguish between the Milanese and the people who just flew to town. Here are some of the people I saw while watching after a show let out, walking towards a fairly popular metro stop.