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Tips for Surviving Final Exam Week

If you are suffering like me right now, maybe the reason is because you are heading into finals week.

Ah yes, none other than finals week, back to make everyone's life miserable. For others, maybe you just have a lot of stuff on your plate, and you can’t seem to fathom how to get through it all. Well, I have 8 tips to keep everyone grounded!

Take these tips with you always, I promise you will benefit from them!

  1. Take everything 1 step at a time. Not only will you feel better about getting 1 task accomplished, but you will have a clearer mind instead of trying to start and finish many tasks at once!

  2. Take some time out of your day for a break. For me this means going to the barn for some pony cuddling, and hanging out with my friends, because how could pony kisses not make your day? Maybe for you a break means watching T.V or relaxing. Taking breaks allows your brain to recoup, refocus, and relax!

  1. Write a check list. Crossing things off a checklist feels pretty darn amazing doesn’t it? I mean come on, the satisfaction of getting even just the little things done puts a smile right on your face!

  1. 2 minute Dance Party anyone? Let your muscles get a little loose! If you don’t, not only do you risk physically getting cramped up, but mentally as well.

  1. Don’t wait til the last minute! Report due tomorrow? Test in just a few hours? Huge presentation for your teacher or boss creeping around the corner? Stay on top of it! Don’t wait, you’ll feel much better if you are on time and not cramming!

  1. STAY HEALTHY! I repeat, STAY HEALTHY! Nothing is worse than trying to get everything done while fighting off a cold! Staying hydrated is a must, eating plenty of snacks and meals during the day keeps ya fueled, but most importantly rest up to feel whole again! Remember if you don’t get everything done, and stay healthy… it makes it near impossible to make a trip to the barn!

  1. Always think positively. Because where does negative thinking get you anyways? Try and keep that smile on your face, it’ll make everything much easier for you. I promise.

  2. Reward yourself. You’ll get through everything eventually, so why not celebrate your accomplishments? You were determined, and you got it done. YOU should be very proud of yourself!

Remember, you have the power to succeed! Truly make it happen. Following these simple tips really helps me get focused and grounded, and hopefully it can really help you as well. Although it seems hard now, once it’s over you’ll feel a huge weight fall right off your shoulders.


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